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✔ State-of-the-Art designs...

Please note that the self build designs detailed here all use 1/2 Inch (12.7mm) OD tube elements throughout...

Back in 1994 I founded PowAbeam Antennas developing a limited range of State-of-the-Art designs for VHF/UHF DX'ers.

In recent years there has been a complete change of emphasis on the critical design criteria now focusing on low temperature low noise antennas and not just maximum gain.

Stability has also become a key issue particularly performance in bad weather.

Yagi designs from the eighties/nineties can be shown to be inferior when it comes to comparison with these latest designs.

Designing high performance yagis is very time consuming, there are so many variables and an almost infinate number of variants.

Over the last five years I have explored extensively all the possibilities with my in depth research project resulting in the AOWA (Advanced OWA) an optimal 50-Ohm direct feed type yagi design.

Wave Antennas yagi designs are the outcome of this long term R&D project by G4CQM in a quest to discover the ultimate in direct feed yagis... The resultant original designs can deliver extraordinary performance that is second to none!

Regrettably due to health problems I've had to retire a couple of years early but you can benefit from my research and build your own yagi which will outperform most commercial antennas saving you money in the process, the choice is yours!


Derek G4CQM

✔ All 50Ω feed...

An open dipole used in these designs requires no tuning delivering an efficient and low loss direct connection to your 50Ω coaxial cable feeder...

Why 50Ω then? Direct feed at this impedance offers maximum efficiency and minimal losses. These yagis are tuned for least reactance across the band delibrately low at the HF end and so deliver all weather performance!

✔ Professional parts...

No hydraulic hose clamps in use here, purpose designed professional parts are manufactured right here in the UK.

Don't be fooled by color, these durable UV stabilized plastic moldings contain absolutely NO CARBON and so remain cool in a microwave oven test!

✔ The coolest beams...

Advanced OWA's are 50-Ohm direct feed low temperature yagis and designed for use by serious DX enthusiasts.

AOWA yagis boast excellent patterns with special attention paid to major side-lobe reduction in both the H & E Planes. Unwanted interference and man made noises are suppressed aiding weak signal communication!

Those of you who are in the know will see that these specialist designs have been carefully examined in TANT and boast some of the lowest Tloss (internal losses) and Ta (temperature) figures around!

✔ The right software...

Designed using the very powerful, proven and uncompromised YO7-Pro (YO7-Professional version from K6STI) software. All of the designs performance characteristics have been corroborated in AOP & 4nec2.

✔ Kept simple...

Wave Antennas yagi designs have been kept simple with minimal construction to avoid problems!

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